Leland Earl Cornwall

Scan10092 (2)


Stars framed above the front door

Like lit windows against the dark sky

I think the same of satellites and you

Always shining after me and mine

Overseeing our come or go

Blessing adventures in and out

Following fated fortune up or down

I raise my eyes and smile sometimes

Even share despair knowing

Though you exist elsewhere

You are truly on my side 

Pledging to be both here and there

As I while away this worldly confine

©2017 BoonBane.me

Mitchell Studios 111 W Lexington St Baltimore MD

In Memory of


15 November 1912 – 5 March 1996


Scan10095 (2)

Scan10098 (3)

March 1 1988


2 thoughts on “Leland Earl Cornwall

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