Wintertide artwork by Boon Bane

Wintertide Boon Bane



O Poinsettia,
let life 
rise in and around,
budding a heart within and without.

O Ivy,
let hope

weave over and under,
becoming a body safe and sound.

O Cactus,
let love

welcome all alongside and across,
blossoming a mind embracing and encompassing.

O Holly,
let happiness
join every nook and cranny,
bearing a spirit reaching and raising.

O Mistletoe,
let luck
share both home and harvest,
giving a gift assisting and aiding.

O Evergreen,
let health
thrive through peak and valley,
healing a soul with blessing and well-being.

O Frankincense,
let laughter
echo out and deep down,
resonating an essence of good-humor and good-nature.

O Myrrh,
let harmony
lift far and wide,

creating an energy reuniting and rising —

Up with the Poinsettia, and grow,
Up with the Holly and Ivy;
Up with the Mistletoe,
Evergreen, all —
Herewith we seed and sow.


Wintertide Botanicals Labelled Boon Bane

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