Up the Bunk Bed Ladder

Christensen James

Faith Hope and Charity James Christensen


Up the bunk bed ladder, with a hop,
Little Susie met three angels at the top.

Such a surprise, almost in fright,
Susie dared not touch their golden light.

She asked about each, feeling brave,
And the angels their answers gave:

First, Faith said, “With this wintertide
Christmastide — we trust you believe,
criss and cross, good or bad tidings, morn to eve.”

Secondly, Hope said, “Anchor aspiration,
my sisters and I must insist,
not merely your dream or wish.”

Thirdly, Charity said, “Up,
down, catty-corner, across —

share us, your heart, and holiday house.”

Little Susie replied, “As I live,
I will do, I promise 
the three of you —
cross my heart, hope held high, I will give!”
And fly away the angels then did.

Down the bunk bed ladder, doing a sum,
Susie set one angel at the bottom.

XmasLogo (2)

Up with the Poinsettia, and grow,
Up with the Holly and Ivy;
Up with the Mistletoe,
Evergreen, all —

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