Kitty-Cornered Dining Room


The Christmas Spat Henriëtte Ronner-Knip


Kitty-cornered dining room —
a feline foursome spat!

And in this corner,
Siamese Che-Su Tut,
the hightail strutter….

Crosswise white-as-snow,
Alexander the Great,
the deaf but undefeated cat…

Diagonally otherwise,
calico twins Decoupage and Camouflage,
the spitter and the sputter…

All likewise in fearsome hissing fits!
Because of a decoration dropped and dragged —

And now under the goodie-laden table it sits,
Top lopped and sides snagged.

Che-Su chewed off the buttons and backstitch,
Alexander abraded the ribbon ridge.

Decoupage drooled on the yarn and y-stitch,
Camouflage clawed the eyelet edge.

For a moment four felines yaw, roll, and pitch
As one tensing, twisting kitty-cat tangle
Flying nose to tail every dining room angle.

Christmas eve ends all, arches are over and re-angled —
Che-Su strutting up the bunk bed ladder rungs,
Alexander meowing down to the kitchen fridge,
Decoupage and Camouflage, zig-zagging tongues,
cheek-to-cheek across the living room window ledge.

XmasLogo (2)

Up with the Poinsettia, and grow,
Up with the Holly and Ivy;
Up with the Mistletoe,
Evergreen, all —

Up the bunk bed ladder, with a hop,
Little Susie met three angels at the top…

Down to the kitchen caroling Granddad goes…

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