The Eternal

The Thought of Eternal Laisk Serg


I waited for you my whole life.
I was never afraid of your arms
Collecting me, cloaking me.
I only wondered if you would
Appear out of nowhere.

By the mailbox,
Rifling through the bruised
And scarred lemons,
Or hopefully under a tree,
Among the wildflowers,
A stronger smell of loosened earth.

Sometimes in the car,
Especially under downpour,
Wipers frantic,
Slanting across high water,
I skip to the homecoming.

It won’t be by flame—
There’s no vapor,
Or any kind of fuel.

I saw the last sparks,
Caught and cradled them,
Pairs of eyes.

One set staring in disbelief,
Holding still,
Unblinking horror.

One set looking away,
Tucked inside a broken wing,
Crushing closed.

Mine memorializing,
Knowing I’d see once cocooned
Invisible again,
But I don’t want to butterfly back.

Inside out,
I will watch and wait,
Then play an angel here and there,
Guarding my little loves.


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