Life’s a Beach (And Then You Die)

 Crowded boardwalk in Ocean City, MD

Life’s a Beach (And Then You Die)


Summer 1983, Ocean City, Maryland,
Still 15, “Life’s a beach…and then you die”
T-shirts up and down the boardwalk,
An awesome phrase to an unformed mind,
To a body gloriously, achingly alive, just
Wanting a suntan, blonde highlights…
Bitchin’ sunglasses, Ocean Pacific shorts,
Izod shirt, Docksiders, that puka necklace…
Salt-water taffy, two-scoop ice cream cone…
And to ride the rides again, again, again!

To smell the ocean air,
To hear the crashing waves,
To sink in the sand—squish it
Between innocent teenage toes.

And the music! A new wave
Of romantic lyrics, even if some sad,
The music made us dance mad…
Blasting Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue,
The Human League’s (Keep Feeling) Fascination,
Or Prince’s 1999—party gone out of bounds, just
Wanting to celebrate every cell, every breath…

Simply, laughing and loving—but to be loved,
To BE love. Teasy loving, a crush at every
Corner, an unrequited under each star, just
Wanting the LOVE of your life
Before you die an adult.



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