Lonesome Road

Walk (Road of the Farm Saint-Siméon) Claude Monet

Lonesome Road


Ma told pa
Take your dog and
Go to lonesome road

Where you can
Live in a tent and
Swing from the trees

The lot of you
Won’t carry your load
And sure ain’t loving me

Time’s up for us
Our lease’s run out
And my love’s been spent

Lonesome road’s waiting
For you down the street and
Ain’t no U-turn bend
At your dead end

Pa told ma
I’d rather live with a hog
Than be treated like a dog

I’ll go right ahead
Swing from the trees and
Do as I darn well please

For all I care
You can go back in and
Stop scaring bears out their skin

Time sure is up
Our peace’s run out
And you’re nothing to shout about

I’ll gladly go away to lonesome road
There’s no more love to rent and
Ain’t no toad
In my tent anyway



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