Shoreline Makeover

September Morn Paul Chabas

Shoreline Makeover


Sand bejewels her uneven feet,
And she’s pleased, like an unbroken child,
By the glistening transformation.

She thinks of rolling in the sand
After engulfing her body in the ocean,
Emerging as a goddess
Of great beauty and faculty.

A bold, but graceful, sway
Carries her to the boardwalk,
Stares of admirers forcing her to smile,
The embracing grin never ceasing
As she approaches a quaint bar,
Requesting a champagne cocktail
In a voice seductive with accents.

A Venetian vamp greeting,
A French femme fatale ordering,
A Spanish siren thanking.
Suddenly, she’s surrounded
By offers of the conquered world,
Yet declines them incurious,
Claiming the universe is already hers.




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