Palm Tree Loathing

All Day

           Friday, May 5.  Somewhere in the middle of the isle of Maui, twenty-something magazine reporter Rusty Ian had a vision he was hanging from a parachute near the planet Neptune.  Watching from outside his body he saw himself encased in ice like a giant icicle floating in space.  Behind his frozen figure, the blue orb was marked with a great black area.  Rusty recognized it as the new Dark Spot the Hubble telescope discovered in 1994.  Maybe it was the old Dark Spot photographed by Voyager 2 that scientists had said disappeared.  Either way, he could not wait to get back to Earth and continue planning his feature spread.  Rusty saw that the parachute was sweeping away from the planet.  As his body shifted farther over to one side, he noticed other planets coming into view.  All were perfectly aligned, Mercury after the Sun, followed by Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter.  Saturn and Uranus were no where in sight.  Rusty tried to mentally maneuver his extrasensory perception to include the two missing planets, willing his perspective to pull back.  Instantaneously the parachute collapsed and he saw his glacier self rushing toward the Sun, the ice melting faster and faster.  Suddenly, he was back with his body and senses, falling ever closer to the solar flare.  Panicking, he tried shoving himself back by scooping air with his arms.  His skin on fire, Rusty began shaking, losing his eyesight, all was turning white, and he heard a voice calling his name.


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