QUEENSTOWN: Best Booking Websites


Photo courtesy of Avenue

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HolidayHouses, BookaBach, and QueenstownNZ

Choosing a holiday house in Queenstown is an exciting part of planning for your holidays to New Zealand’s inlet resort town.  Just viewing photos of advertised accommodation is thrilling.  Every house has a breathtaking mountain view.  Whether your holiday house is sitting right on Lake Wakapitu or not, you will have a stunning scene of surrounding mountains Ben Lomond, Cecil Peak, Queenstown Hill, The Remarkables, or Walter Peak, maybe all of them depending at which window your peering from within the house.

That’s not even the best part of any Queenstown holiday accommodation.  The amenities and price range offered are as various as the views, depending on the season, recreational agenda, and personal needs of your stay.  Perhaps it’s a ski trip and a cozy fireplace would be a must-have when returning to your holiday house.  Or the family will be out and about every day, so luxuries aren’t necessary, yet several ensuite bedrooms are required.  Sometimes you just need a home away from home with a jacuzzi and barbecue on deck.  Whatever you’re looking for, you will surely find it easily through the Internet sites Holiday Houses, Bookabach, or the Queenstown New Zealand official website.

All three websites feature hundreds of Queenstown holiday house options with each listing accompanied by photographs, details, and ratings.  Holiday Houses has a sliding panorama of available lodgings, as well as a traditional listings format to select from, and each individual description includes maps, calendars, reviews, and any discount pricing incentive information.  Though Bookabach offers the same, it additionally has a Manager Profile with direct interactive feedback.  While Queenstown New Zealand relies on TripAdvisor opinions, it has the most listings with links to each accommodation website for further descriptions.

Holiday accommodation in Queenstown may be overwhelmingly in the thousands, however, I suggest using an advanced search for any of the websites mentioned to narrow the holiday house listings down to your specific wants and needs.  For example, I might want a suburban location that is still close to Queenstown itself, but not in the tourist centre, and I need to have access to a running track since I want to keep in shape while on holiday.  Holiday Houses allows me to Refine Search with the ability to select a variety of specific locations and accommodation amenities.  I can choose WiFi capability or mobile coverage if needed.  I could do a keyword search and enter the words track or media. 

Bookabach has a facility filter with a lot of detailed choices by category I could choose from, categories of amenities I tend to forget about when planning a holiday, including a basic amenity selection of an electric blanket (I’m not packing that or The Lord of the Rings doona I’m so attached to), a kitchen and dining amenity of a dishwasher (I may host a fancy party in Queenstown, but I’m not washing dishes on holiday), and an outdoor amenity of a trampoline (I’m not jumping it…the kids surely will), plus many more.  Queenstown New Zealand has an I am interested… search where any keyword or combination of keywords could be entered, or an array of alphabetized interests can be chosen from a drop-down menu list, like Adventure, Desserts and Shops, and Maori Culture.

Like the wide variety of views Queenstown provides each holiday house, the accommodation amenity and location choices are endless and can be quite a chore to sort through.  Utilise the Holiday Houses, Bookabach, and Queenstown New Zealand websites to do the work of for you so that your holiday planning is made easier and just right for you.





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